Monday, December 31, 2012

Best and Worst Sets In 2012

Since I haven't blogged for more than six months, I don't feel I can really do a fully awesome year end post.  Though I do have a pretty good feel on what I did personally like and dislike in sets in 2012.  What we seen in 2012 in baseball cards were more sets coming out not using the MLB licensing that Topps has exclusivly.  It has made other companies think harder than usual to produce cards that 1) don't get sued from Topps or MLB for copyright problems 2) don't look too cheap because they can not use MLB logos or colors 3) to make cards that excite card collectors.  In 2010 Upper Deck was the first company to challenge the use of not having an MLB license, and they got their hand slapped pretty hard for that.  I am judging the top and bottom two sets as my own views, not from sales, values, or what other sites may say.  I am also looking at the base cards with the immidate inserts, not autos, relics, and gimmicks that were released this past year.


2. 2012 Topps Archives

At times I love, and at times I hate the use of archive cards.  This year I felt that it was a successful use of past designs and past odd ball sets.  This set when it first came out, I can admit I wasn't a fan of.  I thought it was just an overused concept that Topps kept bringing back.  The use of  1954, 1971, 1980,  and 1984 designs were nice.  The only thing I would to maybe see is the photography style to go with the era of cards.  Meaning using the type of photo quality you see on a 1954 card like you would see on a Heritage release.  Sometimes if you see a very colorful digital player on a vintage design, it doesn't look right.  The odd ball inserts on this set where the best of all, the 1977 Cloth Stickers, 1967 Stickers, 1969 Deckle, 1968 3-D, and the 50 SP designs.  It ended up being one of the few sets I have ever wanted to put together by hand! 

1. 2012 Triple Play Baseball 

This set isn't flashy, but it seemed to create the most buzz out of this years lowest end product.  These cards ended out being very colorful and attractive for being so basic.  I don't really think of the focus, puzzel, and hall of fame cards as inserts since they use the set number scheme.  I found myself on a two week bender buying these 99 cent Triple Play packs any where I could.  It was maybe the most thoughtful way so far a card company has used current players since Topps got the exclusive license in 2010.


2. Topps Heritage Update

In 2009 Topps did a really cool thing, they made an update set that had both Heritage High Cards and Topps Base Update cards.  I thought this was an awesome idea, but I think Topps found another way to make the collectors spend more money for multiple products.  For example now Topps Update releases their own set and now Topps created a 100 card set only release of Heritage Update.  I really think Topps wanted to release one more set with 2012's Topps poster child, Bryce "the hype" Harper.  The set came out with a $100 card price tag.  Other than Darvish, Harper, and Cespedes rookie cards, there is nothing of interest in the set.  I passed on the set, and just picked out the few cards off Ebay and COMC for just a few bucks.

2009 Topps Update and Heritage High Number Release

1. 2012 Topps Mini

When I heard about this set, I didn't like it.  Many collectors, including myself have gotten in the "mini" craze, such as in Allen Ginter and Gypsy Queen.  Topps decided to try to make a full set mini's.  This was another Topps release that I feel we could have done without.  I understand Topps wanting to bring back the 1975 concept, but if I remember right, didn't the 1975 mini's flop?  As a collector, of course I will go out and by certain players I collect, but there isn't that much excitement that this product gives to me to spend $75 for a box. 


How much money will you pay for a Pete Rose autograph?  Right now at the Wal-Mart down the street there have been the same 12 boxes that started out priced at $29.99, and now they are marked $11.99.  Guess how many are still there after seeing them marked at $11.99?  You are right, ALL 12 of them!  Have we come up with the conclussion that we can do away with making sets for Pete Rose?  I hope so!  It is cool to get a Pete Rose auto, but I don't think we need a set every year trying to push another ten thousand Rose autos into the collector world. OVERKILL!

Happy 2013 from me and my family!  Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome in the blog world in 2012!
- Jason (joe average collector)

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