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This is my first break so I am trying to do the best I can, so what I decided to do is post each members stats, inserts, and hits.  I will continue to do this until I am done.  In the stats I already took the doubles out and randomized the doubles, so they are included in the total stats.  Mind you these people got all these cards for $18, lower than the price of a blaster box! (this break thing does take a LOT of work!)


Red Sox, Tigers, Brewers (+doubles randomized)

10 Boxes 2011 Donruss Elite: 29 Cards
1 Blaster 2012 Topps Opening Day:  14 Cards
1 Hobby Box 1998 Team Best:  9 Cards
1 Retail Box 2010 Topps Update:  38 Cards

Total Cards for $18: 90 Cards @ .20 cent per card average! 


2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Aspirations Brandon Loy DIE CUT 76/100 (DET)
2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Aspirations Brian Flynn DIE CUT 32/100 (DET)  
1998 Team Best Autograph Brian Passini (MIL)

1998 Team Best
Drew (CLE)
Melo (SD)
Anderson (DET)
Barnes (BOS)
Meche (SEA)
Kapler (DET)
Kinkade (MIL)
Stenson (BOS)

2011 Donruss Elite
Shaw (BOS)
Head (BOS)
Loy (DET)
Pedroia (BOS)
Swihart (BOS)
Perkins (BOS)
Wood (DET)
Green (DET)
Jerez (BOS)
Vasquez (DET)
Westlake (DET)
Jacobson (DET)
Verlander (DET)
Perez (DET)
Dirks RR (DET)
Flynn (DET)
Meadows (MIL)
Davis (BAL)
Jones (BAL)
Upton (ARZ)
Meo (ARZ)
Gibson Elite Series (DET)
Walker (MIL)
Gonzalez (BOS)
O'Gara (FLA)
Bour (CHI)
Cote (NY)

 2012 Topps Opening Day
Greinke (MIL)
Cabrera Superstar Celebrations (DET)
Cabrera Fantasy Squad (DET)
Cabera (DET)
Braun Superstar Celebrations (MIL)
Morgan (MIL)
Fielder Elite Skills (MIL)
Fielder (MIL)
Melancon (BOS)
Axford (MIL)
Gallardo (MIL)
Pedroia (BOS)
Ortiz (BOS)
Gonzalez (BOS)

2010 Topps Update
Lucroy RC (MIL)
Wold (MIL)
Jackson Topps Attax (DET)
Hart HR (MIL)
Cain RC (MIL)
Avila (DET)
Cabrera AS (DET)
Cabrera Topps Attax (DET)
Boesch Debut (DET)
Pedroia Peak Performance (BOS)
Beltre AS (BOS)
Yaz Million Giveaway (BOS)
Hawkins (MIL)
Verlander AS (DET)
Peralta (DET)
Martinez (BOS)
Narveson (MIL)
Axford (MIL)
Gerut (MIL)
Cabrera HR (DET)
Patterson (BOS)
Valverde AS (DET)
Lackey Topps Attax (BOS)
Crawford AS (TB)
McDonald (BOS)
Reddick (BOS)
Worth RC (DET)
Beltre (BOS)
Scutaro (BOS)
Braun Topps Attax (MIL)
Boesch RC (DET)
Kalish RC (BOS)
Scherzer (DET)
Braun AS (MIL)
Nava RC (BOS)
Lester AS (BOS)
Guerrero/Cabrera (DET/WAS)
Gomez Turkey Red (MIL)

Thanks Mike G. for getting into the break.  I don't know if he has a blog or just a follower of my blog.  Either way I hope you enjoyed this break and you are the winner of getting 3 auto hits!  I look to get this out on Jan 2nd!  Thanks again! 

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