Friday, December 14, 2012

2013 Panini Triple Play Baseball Preview

Panini continues on the strong success of the 2012 Triple Play baseball and made some minor tweaks to make an even better set.    There really isn't many changes, the boarders are now wood colored, eye black is different, and new "when I was a kid" cards.

MSP $24 per box or 99 cents per pack

New Wood Grain Boarders
Stickers are back!  Blue and Red Versions

Real Feel cards are 1:24 packs, pants, jersey, base, bat, glove, and batting gloves. Plus colored swatches!

 Triple Play Set Break Down:

Seven cards per pack, 24 packs per box.  2 When I Was a Kid, 15 Red-Bordered Stickers, 6 Blue-Bordered Stickers, 3 Cartoon Stickers, 4 Baseball 101, 2 Traditions, 8 Panini All-Stars, 8 Eye Blacks, 6 Memorabilia, and 8 Tattoos.

Just like last year this should be another great set to build and display in binders!  These cards I don't believe will ever gain much value, nor will they have a WOW factor.  But what they lack in value it is a great set to build as a family!


  1. Wow, this just made my night. I really loved the 2012 version and I'm so glad they didn't make and major changes to the 2013 set.

    You're right, "it is a great set to build as a family", but it's also a great set for the card collector on a budget. Can't wait!

  2. with a pig skin lining that features screen embossed Taka artwork, just to name a few details. baseball gloves

  3. Yep, There really isn't many changes!

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