Saturday, December 22, 2012

Group Break Cards from Tim at Todd Father!

I was able to get in at the last minute with Tim at the blog The Todd Father.  Since I got in on the last day, there wasn't much left to pick from.  For the most part the boxes being broke were early to mid 2000s.  One of the teams that had a great group of great players was the D-Backs, and another was the Twins.  I thought I would do pretty well with base cards but I was really excited to see I got a Brent Mayne autograph!  Tim of course had the Rockies as one of his teams and Brent Mayne was a player for many years for the Rockies.  Mayne was a catcher and he even got a win pitching for the Rockies.   There may not be many others out their in the collecting world to get excited about a Brent Mayne auto, but I was!  Thanks Tim for letting me in your break, I hope we both keep doing this more together!  Below are the highlights of the D-Backs and the Twins.

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