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This is my first break so I am trying to do the best I can, so what I decided to do is post each members stats, inserts, and hits.  I will continue to do this until I am done.  In the stats I already took the doubles out and randomized the doubles, so they are included in the total stats.  Mind you these people got all these cards for $18, lower than the price of a blaster box! (this break thing does take a LOT of work!)


Cardinals, Cubs, Nats/Expos (+doubles randomized)

10 Boxes 2011 Donruss Elite: 26 Cards
1 Blaster 2012 Topps Opening Day:  9 Cards
1 Hobby Box 1998 Team Best:  15 Cards
1 Retail Box 2010 Topps Update:  34 Cards

Total Cards for $18: 84 Cards @ .21 cent per card average!


1998 Team Best Brent Butler Autograph (STL)
1998 Team Best Pablo Ozuna Autograph (STL)

1998 Team Best
Rick Ankiel Diamond Best (STL)
Polanco (STL)
Butler (STL)
Krause (MIL)
Barnes (BOS)
Patterson (ARZ)
Davis (SD)
Clement (SD)
Armas (MON)
Standridge (TB)
Drew (STL)
Ankiel (STL)
Ozuna (STL)

2011 Donruss Elite
Lindor/Baez Duel Bldg Blocks (CHI/CLE)
DeRatt (COL)
McCutchen (PIT)
Revere (MIN)
Pujols (LA AL)
Meo (ARZ)
Head (BOS)
Lopes (TOR)
Kelly (SD)
Flynn (DET)
Tatusko (WAS)
Tilson Elite Series (STL)
Espinosa (WAS)
Castro RR (CHI NL)
Freese (STL)
Dunston Jr (CHI NL)
Davis (NY AL)
Boudreaux (LA NL)
Johnson (CHI)
Zych (CHI)
Bour (CHI)
Rosario (CHI)
Soto (CHI)
Vogelbach (CHI)
DeVoss (CHI)
LePage (CHI)

2012 Topps Opening Day
Freese (STL)
Desmond (WAS)
Soto (CHI NL)
Morse (WAS)
Zimmermann (WAS)
Carpenter (STL)
Fredbird (STL)
Garza (CHI NL)

2010 Topps Update
Triple Billing Tales of the Game
Heyward AS (ATL)
Lee Turkey Red (HOU)
D Lee (ATL)
Guerrero Peak Performance (TEX)
Hill (CHI NL)
Ottavino RC (STL)
Castro Debut (CHI NL)
Capps AS (WAS)
Byrd AS (CHI NL)
Strasburg/Rodriguez (WAS)
Ramos RC (WAS)
Dunn Topps Attax (WAS)
Westbrook (STL)
Castro RC (CHI NL)
Gorzelanny (CHI NL)
Hernandez (WAS)
Penny (STL)
Braun/Pujols AS (MIL/STL)
Marshall (CHI NL)
Holliday AS (STL)
Wainwright Topps Attax (STL)
Holliday HR (STL)
Nathan/Storen Legendary Lineage (MIN/WAS)
Nady (CHI NL)
Gibson Million Giveaway (STL)
Silva (CHI NL)
Soriano Topps Attax (CHI NL)
Pujols AS (STL)
Carter Million Giveaway (MON)
Atilano RC (WAS)
Garcia (STL)
Suppan (STL)
Jay RC (STL)

PTown Tom at Waiting 'Til Next Year was one of the first that put their name on this break.  He score two Cardianls prospects from 1998 and a great amount of other great cards!  The Ankiel Diamond Best is an insert set of one per box, and he scored that hit.  Thanks for being in the break, and I should have these wrapped up and mailed by Jan 2nd!

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  1. Wow, that's a pretty good hall. I'm a Cubs fan, but a few Cardinal hits should net me couple of sweet Cubs cards at my LCS.

    Thanks for the detailed breakdown! That must have been pretty time consuming to put together.

    Believe it or not, the card I'm most excited over is the Team Best card of Matt Clement. He clinched a playoff spot for the Cubs in 2003 on the same day I proposed to my wife! What a great day!


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