Sunday, December 16, 2012

Plan White Envelope Christmas for My Followers - Monday Night

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know I'm going to do something like what was done on the Baseball Dad blog a few weeks ago.  But instead of doing it over two days I'm going to do it on one post.  The first person to post and pick out the card will get that card.  As of today I have 44 followers, but looking at my contacts  I only see about 20 that I trade with or have commented to my page.  So I am going to post a total of 20 cards so try to be quick on putting a stake on a card!  I will post the cards at 9:00 Central Time on 12/17/12. 

1987 Topps Barry Larkin RC - Example of a card going to be listed for my Christmas giveaway!

I wanted to give everyone a little something from me for the holidays.  You never know there maybe something extra in your envelope.  I am on a tight budget this year, thus my low shipping budget.  The card will be in bend proof plastic.  I will see you all tomorrow at 9 CT!

Happy Holidays, god bless and finally lets send extra prayers to the families who were affected in Connecticut on Friday.

Jason (aka Joeaveragecollector)

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