Sunday, December 9, 2012

Junk for Junk with JayBarkerfan

Two weeks ago I contacted Wes at JayBarkerfan about his junk for junk trade.  I figured it would be fun because usually every year around our family we play pass the trash.  Sometimes you get some great items, some times not.  Well yesterday I got my box from Wes and it exceeded my expectations of junk.  What the interesting things are how closely our boxes will look in years inside.  In my flat rate box I made sure there was no years between 86-99 so almost every card was from 78-85 and 00-present.  I threw in a few special cards.  But I want to spend the next few days on some of the things I got, and today I'm going to start with the hits!

Wow, a great looking group of goodies for sure!  A Hall of Fame bat relic of Roberto Alomar, Eric Aybar Sweet Spot Auto (my son loved that card), and a Johnny Cueto Chrome Rookie Autograph! Very Very cool group of cards to add to my families collection.  My son took the Sweet Spot, my wife takes claim usually on my USA cards and I got the rest! 

Thanks again Wes, you rock my friend!

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