Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mega...Epic Trade with The Cardboard Don aka Wicked

I was emailed several weeks ago about doing a trade and in one email it turned into a blockbuster with cards each one of us needed/wanted.  One of the cards was a card that was my biggest ever pull and actually my highest valued autograph, 2011 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper Autograph.  Prior there have been a few other offers for the Harper but each lacked the "WOW" factor that I needed to trade for it.  The Cardboard Don made me an offer I couldn't refuse (no pun intended).

The Cardboard Don (Wicked) Got:

Here is what I got:

 Here was the meat that swayed my vote: Carlos Gonzalez On Card AU Triple Threads!  
Of course three more Triple Threads helped!

 Group of Marlins Relics/Auto (Thrown in for my son)

 Group of football/basketball relics (for my son)

 Larry Walker, more relics/auto thrown in

 Dexter Fowler signed Letter, and a great mix of cards!

 Gibson pin! Helton card with a pull out jersey!!!

 Awesome mix of Rockies Relics/AU

 Un-ripped Rip Card (my first...will post later what was inside!)

Then everything below was also thrown in!!!
 Todd Helton (my best Helton yet!) 1993 Topps Bazooka USA 

This was a hell of a trade!  I have been blogging for almost three months and it seems like each trade I make I think that was the mega, or epic trade.  Trading away the Harper Autograph Rookie was one of the hardest trades I have ever made, not because that card is selling for $300 or so, but it is the unknown.  Could this card be the next Pujols autograph rookie card which is valued near $1,000.  I knew if I ever had to part with it, I really had to feel like I got cards that I really wanted.

On top of that, Wicked thrown in dozens of cards for my son (who is autistic) for his collection!  The Cardboard Don went above and beyond what I expected out of this trade, and I recommend trading with him any time!


  1. Wow, that is the definition of epic. A dizzying trade. Awesome.

  2. dizzy, epic, and AWESOME! I know The Cardboard Don is going to enjoy his cards!


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