Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Items to ARPSmith's SportsCard Obsession...

Last month I was still new in the blog world, and for years while I was in the army my collection has taken me all over the country (many times).  Then in this case items I have now are handed down from my family when they were in the army and on leave while in the Seattle area in the 1960s.  After I was medically separated due to injuries in 2009 I was left with a basement full of cards and items from all around.  Yes it is a very cool man cave...in 2009 (below is one of the views):

But after a few years I was no longer enjoying items like I once did.  I then closed up my man cave and turned it into a storage area.  There is NO one I know in my area that has ever expressed similar interests in what I collect and it really started to depress me that I couldn't enjoy the things I have with anyone else.  Now I enjoy looking at fellow small time bloggers like me finding who collects what and seeing the enjoyment on items I had now in the hands of someone else (as in ARMPSmith's blog)

I have also traded with William at Foul Bunt in getting some O's items from me to him that he can display proudly!  For years I looked at my cards going, "oh that is a cool card" to now, "I think so and so at whatever blog would love this card!"  You all who follow and email me don't know how much enjoyment that brings me!  Since late last year I had to leave being an Officer due to my health, it has been lonely days like Groundhog day, over and over.  I would check my email, maybe one or two spam messages would be all I would get as emails.  

I blog what I do and feel, and it isn't the generic blogs you see on Beckett.com.  This way of blogging is not to find a review for a product, but instead how a fellow collector things about the product and who or what they need to make a set or his/her list.  I thank you all for your trades, comments, and emails, it truly means a lot!  I love the mostly the Rockies but also Rams, Cardinals, Blues and now I can say I have several eyes on both coasts who have eyes out for any cool Rockies cards!  Thanks everyone!

SSG Jason P. United States Army Retired

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