Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Dollar Store Purchase

This week I have frequented the dollar store because of getting cheap Halloween decorations for the yard.  So again today I picked up another $3 worth of cards.  I got another 30 card baseball vintage pack, 2012 Triple Play, and 2011 Panini Americana.  Today didn't disappoint.

Above are the best cards of the pack:  1993 Topps Tim Raines, Randy Johnson, 1986 Leaf Pedro Guerrero, 1985 Topps Dave Stewart, Mike Boddocker All Star, 1984 Topps Rickey Henderson, Ron Cey, and a 1993 Classic Minor League Derrek Lee.

The pack breakdown:
  • 4   1984 Topps
  • 3   1985 Donruss
  • 1   1985 Leaf
  • 7   1985 Topps
  • 1   1986 Donruss
  • 1   1986 Fleer
  • 2   1986 Topps
  • 2   1987 Topps
  • 11  1993 Topps
  • 1    1993 Classic Minor League
 Final verdict, I got 33 cards in a 30 card pack.  Got a good mix of early junk wax era cards to include 1984 Hall of Fame player, and a 1993 Minor League Rookie card of a big time star of the mid 2000s, Derrek Lee.

I have grown fond of the Americana cards lately, but if you buy the packs at a dollar store you only are going to expect 5 base cards, unlike buying at retail or hobby levels.  For my big hits, I got a Chris North "Big from Sex in the City" and the famous Robert Vaughn, most notably from the best movie ever made BASEketball!  (Okay, it is my favorite movie!).

I am working with little money right now, but I do hope to post some of my recent trades once some of them start rolling in!

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