Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ripping 3 Dollar Store Vintage Jumbo Packs

This weekend I have been really sick, battling shingles and being ran down with my kidney diease so I haven't gotten out to do much card work.  My wife did get me a few items when she ran down to the dollar store, three 30 card jumbo packs.

I am not going to go card for card, because lets be honest who wants to see 90 common or semi common cards.  I will just highlight the best cards of the 90 I got for $3.00.

 First pack I got a bunch of mid to early 80s common cards, and I got a 1992 Oddball Ryne Sandberg card:

That card was issued during that period in the early 90s when there were thousands of cards being produced that were not authorized to be printed by the MLB or MLBPA.  Most price guides don't consider these as collectible, I wouldn't expect to ever pay for a card like this, but to pick one up in a pack like this is a pretty cool find.

 Pack two is the mixed sports pack:  Has a good mix of hockey, baseball, and golf cards.

Last pack has another batch of mid 80s commons, a Greg Maddox and this card:

1978 TCMA Ernie Banks.  Not a huge value card (BV $2), but in a $1.00 "grab" bag, this is a pretty good find!

Thanks for reading...I hope to feel better soon and get back to something good to write about!


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