Monday, September 10, 2012

Found! A Brandon Weeden 2004 Minor League Card!

I was looking through a box of some old common rookie cards, and I came across a Brandon Weeden...yes, the 28 year old starting QB for Cleveland Browns.  There has been a pretty good history of other two sport stars, Bo Jackson, D.J. Dozer, Brian Jordan, and Danny Ainage to name a few.  It is always fun to find a diamond in a rough, like the card I found below!

I haven't researched it much, are there any cards older than the 2004 Just Minors Brandon Weeden?


  1. I just mentioned this card on Twitter last week. I didn't know it existed until I realized that Weeden played in the Dodgers minor league organization and was on the same team as Matt Kemp in 2004. I've already made it my mission to acquire this card.

  2. he has a 2003 Just Minors card as well:

  3. Thanks Greg, I'm going to put that on my wantlist!


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