Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Have ZERO 1951 Topps Cards...But I Have A Wrapper!

Does anyone else collect vintage items like wrappers too?  I only have one wrapper before 1970, it is a 1951 Topps wrapper I got off ebay for 99 cents.  I started thinking that how many of you all also collect these items?  I have seen different items on ebay now and then of just the display boxes of Topps from the 60s going for $100s. 

(1951 Topps Wrapper)

A few years back I actually started another kind of weird obsession, I would keep one wrapper of every type of pack I opened and pressed it in a scrapbook.  I know that a 2010 Topps Series 2 wrapper is worthless, but placed together in a nice scrapbook actually looks pretty neat!  I guess it is the equivalent of collecting stickers just to put in a book.  Does anyone have something really cool they cherish, like a box, or a wrapper that to most people would just throw away?  Now I need to find some 1951 Topps cards to fill in with this lonely wrapper, if anyone has some doubles in any condition hit me up!


  1. I collect wrappers myself, (from all the packs I rip) and I know Jack from All Tribe Baseball does so too.

  2. I have a couple in pretty decent shape that you can have. Feel free to email me so we can make arrangements to get them in your hands.

    tong035 @ yahoo . com


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