Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Collectibles Are Missing Something...But What Is It?

Sorry everyone it is a slow week for me with cards, so you have been getting some rants and other stupid things that I find funny and amusing.  Are you ready for yet another?

Have you ever looked at your collectibles and said, my collection is almost perfect, but something is missing...

After flipping through some pages in a sports magazine you come across this page, and a light bulb lights!  I need a model to sit in front of my collectibles, that would be perfect!  You know how awesome it would be to be able to look at my collectibles, and model while you are putting together a new set of Topps! 


I would have loved to be at the photoshoot when the photographer said, "you know what we are missing with all these balls?  A super model".  Because you know because only supermodels love us "card geeks".  Sorry to my wife who may read this, but you never dressed up in a swimsuit and rubbed my "balls" all over your body...Oops, I meant baseballs!  Get your minds out of the gutter!

Hope you got a little laugh!



  1. "you never dressed up in a swimsuit and rubbed my "balls" all over your body."

    Just one question: how many nights on the couch did you get for that comment?

  2. Trust me I sleep on the couch a lot!


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