Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 Panini Football Stickers...It is like crack!

What is it about stickers that brings the kid out of us?  I am now on year three of collecting Panini NFL Stickers and last year (2011) I easily spent over $400 to fill up my book.  Now I have a full book 2011 NFL stickers that cost me $400, now what?  It isn't very pretty to sit on a shelf, I don't want to give it to one of my kids because they would just color in it, so I put it in a stack of old Beckett's.  If I put it on Ebay, I would be lucky to get 10% of what I put into it.  I did though win two POPWARNER contest sticker backs last year, 20 total packs of Football Adrenaline and two T-Shirts.  Now 2012 is out, and let the sticker madness begin again!  This year there are two contensts, empty wrappers, and POPWARNER again.

You can win in the "Back to School" contest, from 50-250 empty wrappers.  (250 wrappers means you spent $250 on stickers!)  I did a little research online trying to find about an estimate on what others spent to fill a book with stickers.  I have seen a few in forums spend up to $500 to get every sticker.  Think about it for a know how many really cool cards you can buy for $500?  I try to tell myself that again this year that I will resist buying stickers, but yet again I get stuck buying them every time I see them.  This year I will make a post on my Trade Bait page of stickers that I have doubles of incase there are others out there who are addicted to the sticker crack (maybe it is the type of glue Panini uses).

Enjoy your sticking!

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