Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Kid Can Get Beat Up Wearing This...

In going through my yard sale collection find of course I come across hundreds of these cards.  Collectors lets rewind a few years to 1988 and think about how we looked.  I remembered I was the head of the baseball card trading club at my school from 1989-1992 and I remember some of these items were must haves!  I now know why I didn't have a date till I was 16 years old because my parents gave in and let me buy items like this!

Yes, I was that kid...I wore this Topps shirt, a Topps Baseball hat and my favorite Skidz pants (McHammer Pants)...I wore those two items in my yearbook picture for the baseball card club (I will upload when I find my year book).

Now before I close, look at this I found on Ebay...RARE Topps Insert cards retail $10 each!!!  OMG...I have 300 of those!  Are you telling me if I put those on Ebay I can make $3,000 off these cards!  I have been using them for years as door jams and fire kindling!  If you actually buy this card, you might as well set your money on fire, because you just got hosed!

I guess if you put the word RARE in a card description you will get some poor collector who doesn't know anything about collecting and he will think he is getting a GREAT deal since it is on SALE!


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