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Last year I sent out roughly about 100 cards to be signed to a variety of baseball, football, and hockey players, in those 100 I would say I have only got 60 back thus far from that 100.  Last week I got this in the mail from Todd Helton/Colorado Rockies:

Okay, here is my thoughts about this.  I first have no problem sending in a donation, I think I am a pretty giving person for the amount of what I make in a year.  During spring training I sent requests for autos from the following Rockies players: Todd Helton, Carlos Gonzalez, Michael Cudyier, and Dexter Fowler.  I was SURPRISED when I got my 2008 Tristar Cargo card signed also a thank you for my Rockies support.  I looked like a kid on Christmas!  But last week I got a letter from Helton and Cudyier stating in order to get an autograph to enclosed $25 check.  Again, I have no problem with donating, but $25 I can get Helton and a Cudyier certified autograph, and still have some money left.  So I got this and decided to pass, I think it should be any donation made $5 or more for us people who may not have as much as others.  The Colorado Rockies have been the only team that has ever sent these letters back (or has anyone else get something like this from another team), plus the returned cards weren't even the same.  But I understand that is my gamble.

On the flip side, a few months ago I got a card that was sent out over a year ago and I figured it was a loss.  I sent two cards to Roberto Alomar (2011 Hall of Fame Inductee) and I got both cards back, and one of them was signed in a very great looking blue sharpie!  I sent him a 1987 Las Vegas Stars Minor League Card, and a 1992 Donruss.  He signed the 1992 Donruss card) 

So it got me thinking of what are some of my better TTMs that I got back.  I have over 100, but many are minor league or common type players.

  • Roberto Alomar
  • Bobby Bonillia (2 Cards signed)
  • John Olerud (2 Cards signed)
  • Sid Bream
  • Shauan Dunston (2 Cards signed)
  • Whitey Herzog
  • Stan Musial
  • Carlos Gonzalez
  • Lonnie Smith
  • Tom Henke
  • Aerenas Williams (2 Cards signed)
  • Fernado Velenzueva (2 Cards signed)
  • Jim Tracey (2 Cards signed)
  • Kevin Mitchell (4 Cards signed)
  • Pat Listach
  • Eric Karros
  • Rex Hudler
  • Tim Raines
  • Tom Brunansky
  • Wally Backman

If you haven't ever gotten an autograph by mail or don't know how there are several ways of going about it.  Usually you don't send a card that is something you can't live without, because my experience 1 of 3 don't ever come back.  Find a card you have doubles of, or something that would look good signed.  For example above is a Jim Tracey card, though he is on the Rockies, the card I had was too dark and wouldn't look good, so I used his Dodger card, which looks great!

Most ball players you send directly to their stadium or spring training stadiums.  Make sure to mark ATTN: players name!  Always have a return address in case it gets lost, maybe you can at least get your cards back.  If it is a retired player, some still are coaches, managers, or holding a baseball staff position.  A simple google search of the retired player will let you know if they are still in baseball or not.

Always send with a letter of who you are, why you would like to have their autograph, and make sure to thank them for their time!  Also, always place a stamp envelope with your address so all they have to do is seal and send.   About 25% of the time I got the cards back in about 3 weeks, some months, and one or two have been a year.  I guess with those players they let it pile up and then all on one day they do a mass signing.  Below are just a few of the many TTMs I have gotten over the years!

Tom Brunansky sent me this card personalized, it was awesome!!!  If you can't see it clear it says "Jason-Thank you for your service, you are the true stars!"  AWESOME TOM!!!!  So if anyone is wanting to send directly to the Rockies, look forward to having to mail in a check of $25.  Are there any other players or teams that require this too?  Let us know!

Has anyone had any huge success from TTM or have any other pointers, please post!!!  -Jason

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  1. I rarely if ever send to current players. I have yet to get a return back from any baseball player, current or retired. (about 15 requests)
    Although with hockey, I'm getting about a 90% success rate. (around 150 requests.)

    I've heard that the Red Sox don't even forward the fan mail, just return it with a "I'm too busy" letter.
    For the most part, the Calgary Flames do the same thing.
    I know several individual retired players in all spports who ask for donations, but not entire teams.


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