Sunday, September 2, 2012

A low blow to us bloggers...

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a very good holiday weekend and being safe!  I was not going to post this weekend, but I opened up my newest Beckett 9/12 edition and read something in the Q and A section that rubbed me wrong.  First here is the post below:

The post is from "JeffNSU" so if "JeffNSU" is reading this...sorry this is for you!  First, we ALL have a freedom of speech and expression.  We who blog are ones who love the hobby!  Unless some other blogger is making "JeffNSU" read their blog, there are billions of other places that "JeffNSU" can go to get his information.  Second, as for our "awful" blogs, I know I'm not doing my blog for the money, but to write about what I like and don't like.  Beckett and other websites can give their views, why can't us who blog too?  For example, most of blogger in my circle are middle class hard working people, we look out for each other in hopes of saving the other some money or helping in trades.  I don't expect high end collectors or hobby store owners to like my blog, thus my name "Joe Average Collector".  I don't always trust a review done on major websites, but even before I began to blog, I always looked at the common collectors.  I like to know how a common collector feels after spending $50 on a product vs. someone who was given a product for free to review in a magazine.  Plus without us whiners we wouldn't have message boards or blogs!  Okay, I'm going back to inventorying my cards in the 1960s!


  1. I've never bought a Beckett in my life, but every time I see an excerpt from it, I feel sorry for the people who write attach themselves to the magazine. Not just JeffNSU but the guy below him, Brian.

    If Brian would discover the baseball card blogs, he'd find a whole bunch of "true collectors" and that they are not "few and far between." But he's not going to find them between the pages of Beckett.

  2. I usually get one a year. In the 1990s I got them every month. I like looking at past years and seeing just how much they really go down, just like last week when I showed the 80% decline of 99 UD Jersey Cards. I love reading every ones blogs rather than going on youtube or beckett and watching a guy busting a case of cards throwing all his base cards on the floor and only keeping a good one or two.

  3. JeffNSU is kind of hypocritical in his write-up. He himself is WHINING about what he calls "blogger whining".

    It's the nature of a hobby that you will like a product - but would have tweaked it in some way if it was up to you. Everybody has their own preferences. What JeffNSU is saying is "whining" is often just someone expressing his/her opinion.

    -Charlie (lifetimetopps)

  4. I miss the good old days when people didn't read blogs and then whine about them in magazines!

    Hey, did you get my email from the other day?


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