Sunday, September 9, 2012

Things My Wife Buys Me! Vol 2 - Ebay Football/Baseball

My wife is one of those coupon fanatics, she is on Ebay buying and selling coupons, sometimes she finds coupon sellers who also randomly have cards also for sale...weird huh?  Today I got in the mail the cards below!  Most of them are star or up and coming stars.

 2012 Allen Ginter Zach Greinke, 2011 USA Bowman Sterling Refractor Matt Reynolds (Colorado Rockies Prospect) Relic
 2010 Knowshon Moreno Panini Threads 113/299 (Broncos) / 2009 Playoff Prestige Brandon Gibson 84/250 (Rams) / 2012 Goodwin Champions Blane Gabbert (Jags/MU) Troy Aikman (Cowboys)
2005 Upper Deck Sweet Swatches Rookie Alex Smith (49ers) / 2011 Panini Timeless Treasure Game Day Souvenirs Sam Bradford Relic 29/90 / 2006 Fleer Ultra Postseason Performers Steve McNair / 2007 Playoff Prestige Stars of the NFL Jersey Phillip Rivers 

A great mix of hall of fame, star quarterbacks, and other players!  It was fun to open this while watching some good college football today, and ready to watch some good NFL games Sunday!  Hope you enjoyed seeing some cool cards!

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  1. nice cards! I'm envious of the Bradford relic. I hope he has a better season this year.


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