Monday, September 10, 2012

Joe Average Collector : Cards That Need Made!

Okay, we get it Topps, you love jamming Mickey Mantle down our throats in just about any way possible.  Topps has made sets for Presidents, Elections, and just about every year remaking as many hall of fame vintage reproductions as possible.  Why not have a set dedicated to injuries? Injuries are such a part of the game, as having highlights cards. 

Some of the best players get hurt through the year, some are even lost for a year.  Why not have a set or cards that explain the injury and maybe some stats on how it effected the team.  Such as a teams best player breaks a wrist and is out for 6 weeks.  Information on records of the team with out him, or split stats of how he performed before and after the injury.  I looked through a yearly Beckett book, I don't see any sets that are dedicated to injuries.  So Topps, when you think of trying to fill an Update set, look at some of the key injuries that happen during the year, or the year prior that effects the team or league.  Or even a small photo of where the injury occurred and explaining it.  (I do think a football card did do that once).  Would you all think that having a few adding cards to a set for injuries or having a sub set would be good?

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