Thursday, December 6, 2012

Major League Baseball, Been DICK Free Since 1996

Last weekend I was inventorying my vintage cards, it seemed like every other card had a player named "Dick" on them.  Unless you are talking about a player like R.A. Dickey, that is as close as you may get to saying "Dick" in a baseball game anymore.  I decided to do a little research regarding the name "Dick" and its long history in baseball.  Now I only counted active players, I understand that there are autos and relic cards still made today with the name "Dick", I didn't count them.

In order to be counted, Dick's had to have played in at least one Major League Game, and have at least one baseball card with Dick as their name.  I started counting in the 1940s since baseball cards became more main stream after World War II.  Below I compiled a chart showing the number of "Dick" Major League Players in each decade.  Going off the chart, it seems the 1960s were the decade of the Dick's!

The last Major League player with the name Dick played in 1996, his name was Dick Schofield.

  • 2 Dick Schofield's
  • 3 Dick Smith's
BEST DICK NAME:  Dick Pole (1973-78)

  • Dick Pole (1973-78)
  • Dick Star (1945)
  • Dick Such (1970)
  • Dick Teed (1953)
  • Dick Wantz (1965)
I understand most of the players real names were not Dick, but I find it interesting that someone who's real name is "John" is actually called "Dick" by their friends and on their cards, like in the card below.  Can you see someone like David Ortiz and someone started calling him "DICK" and him liking it?  I would expect the person calling him "dick" would be pounded.

Imagine this scenario:  A team has just got into the locker room after a game and you have dozens of men showering...etc, and someone yells "HEY DICK" and everyone wonders if he is looking at a dick, or just calling a man named dick.  This would be a very odd situation.  Too many dicks in a shower! haha

I hope you had fun learning about baseball cards/players and Dick's.  Now the next time you have a conversation with your wife or co-worker, throw in the "Did you know there were 51 total Dick's who played in the Major Leagues in the 1960s?"  I just told that to my wife and she threw a pen at me, so beware some may not find it as funny as I do!  Hope you enjoyed the learning the history of Dick!


  1. Nice research. I did a version on "Mickey" a couple years back.

    This is a "wish I thought of that" post. So, nice work.

  2. I guess I just had "dick" on my mind...haha!

    I like to blog about anything and everything, just not if I like a card or not. You never know what I will think of next!

  3. To bad its not a football DICK blog,if it was you could include everyones favorite ,Dick Shiner.

  4. 1. If it were racing, you could feature Dick Trickle.

    2. My favorite out of context quote is from the third paragraph from the end "...Dick would be pounded."

    1. I loved the "dick would be pounded" too! Glad I left that line in the article!

  5. This is the greatest article I have ever read


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