Thursday, December 20, 2012

Up Coming Break - Break Date Released: 12/28 9P CT

First I want to remind you of the upcoming break.  I am expecting to break LIVE on December 28th at 9 PM CT.  Even if you can't pay till the 28th, please put in your claim before the 28th.  This months group link is listed above on the quick links tab.  Again there will be 13 boxes (15 autos plus 1 other hit), and there will be a prize to one of the people in the group break during each break. $18, three teams!  See the rules and teams again on the break page tab above. 

LIVE BROADCASTS of each break on UStream!

I suggest if you want to be able to see the card breaks live to subscribe to my UStream Page, it is linked on the top of the page or right here: JOEAVGUStreamPage

Since I would love to have real time chat and interactions with you all, I made this page password protected to keep the UStream trolls from coming on during live breaks with those stupid "I'm a 16 year old rapper, please visit my youtube page!".  I tried to keep it very easy for you all to remember or you can always email me if you forgot.

Pass: baseball

Once you are following a email will be sent out with event details such as when the breaks will go live and links.  Once you are logged in to the breaks live you will see me and my wife.  I want to make this an entertaining thing.  Instead of boring card audio, we can ask you all questions and you all can respond.  The break will also be recorded so if you do miss it, and for want to see it, it will be posted on my page within 24 hours.  When boxes arrive I will also do recorded videos just showing the boxes if we have some openings and if by showing the boxes on video could cause someone to get in on the fun.

If you all have any issues with logging into the page, please let me know!

Each month I will be doing a theme: This month will be heavy on the Minor League/Prospect Autos

Some of you maybe prospect collectors, some may not be.  But I figure if I can each month do something different I should be able to keep all my fellow collectors happy with what they get. 

Three Tier Use!

Also, as you may see I'm only doing 9 available spots, and each spot 3 teams.  By doing three tiers keeps one person from getting Dodgers, Yankees, and Red Sox in one pick.  I think this is the most fair way to do it, each person gets a team with a storied past, a past, and a newer team. 

Doubles Randomized to Others!

Doubles of the same card (not parallels  will be put in a pile for randomizing at the end of the break.  For your money I would rather have everyone with about the same number of cards.  There is no reason why one person would want 15 of one player (unless you say you want to keep your doubles, but you lose out getting other doubles). Group buyers will also get doubles from teams that are NOT purchased, such as if no one purchased the Cardinals and three Chris Carpenter cards are pulled, 2 Chris Carpenter cards will be placed in the pile.

This will be the first live break, there maybe a few bugs, but we will work it out together!  Every month I will throw in a special card (can be an auto, relic, or vintage).  I will randomize it from the maximum 9 collectors. I WILL NOT tell you what the special card is until the live video.  I will tell you this months card is vintage, very well known player, on one of the best designs of all time!  These monthly cards is a special gift to you all from me for being a part of my wife Tonya and I's special breaks. 

Again, follow the links above for the current break info and make sure to follow my UStream page!

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