Sunday, December 30, 2012

Group Break Jan '13 PREVIEW

Here is a PREVIEW of Joe Average Collector Group Break.  As I finish getting this months break ready for shipping (will be out Jan 2) I am also in the process of gathering up my cards for the January break.  I don't have the total amount yet per 3 teams, and I will not take team picks or money till I officially list the teams for the break.  I just want to give people a little time to look at the product and gather a little time to think about it.  Of course feel free to comment, but I will only take teams when I list it under the group break page.

This months break will focus on 2000-2003 Baseball Cards.

I think this is a great idea for those who are newer to collecting and may not have many cards from those years.  There should be a good amount of cards pulled per team and a good mix of inserts and hits.  Only one product stats has 2 hits inside, but what I read online all boxes "should" also have one hit each.  Just like last break, you shouldn't get many doubles, so you are looking at getting a good load of base and insert cards.

2000 Topps Stars 24 Packs 6 Cards Per
2002 Stadium Club 24 Packs 6 Cards Per
2002 Rookie Update 15 packs
2003 Topps Total (990 Base Card Set!)
2000 Fleer Skybox Hobby 24 Packs
2002 Topps Series 2   24 Packs
 Thanks, and I hope you all enjoy having a wide array of boxes to maximize the amount of cards you will get.  I am hoping to keep the price around a price of a blaster box. 

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