Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dime Box Find, twice in a two weeks!

What are the chances of finding a dime box twice in two weeks at locations that aren't usual locations where you would typically find cards.  Last week was at an ice cream shop at a small town where I found about $3 of pretty good dime box finds.  Today I had a blow out tire and ended up needing to pull in somewhere and get two new tires because I ran over something on Interstate 270 in St. Louis that ended up shredding two tires.  On top of that my wifes' grandmother was put into the hospital for a heart attack and will never live alone again.  On top of the robbery three weeks ago, we in the Joe Average Collector house can not wait for better luck for the new year!!!!  Come on 2013!!!

But back to the real reason why are you reading, cards....While waiting for our tires I walked next door to a small hole in the wall second hand store.  Most of the items were low end antiques and hold hold items, but what did I find sitting in a small shoe box on the floor tucked away in this small building, 12 cards wrapped together with a rubber band for a hefty price tag of $1. 

12 vintage cards (1959-1973) for $1.00  That is 8.3 Cents a Card!!!

Heck yes, I went back the van looked under some seats to come up with enough change to come up with the funds for these vintage gems.  I don't know if I have any of these already, I may have the Jesus Alou, but if I do this card maybe of better condition.  Pretty much a good solid group of years, and topped with a few pretty good players like, Orlando Cepeda, Bobby Bonds, and Hal McRae.  Great additions to my vintage collection, which nearly fills a 5,000 count box! (all cards 1933-1979!)


  1. Excellent finds! Love the '72 Cepeda.

    I'll take eight-cent vintage all day long.

  2. Nice. I hope you bought every single one they had.

  3. Floor change for a dozen cards like that? Steal.

    1. it sucked because the min. debit purchase was $25, and my wallet was empty. I was hoping I could find enough change plus tax. After seeing those cards I looked through that small store ten more times from top to bottom.


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