Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2013 Topps Archives & Are We Tired of Archives Yet?

 As many of you all know 2013 Topps Archives sell sheets are out.  If you want the exact details I suggest to go to Card Connection but I don't like talking numbers, I like speaking what I think.  Since the end of the junk wax era we have all of sudden yearly it seems we see more and more of those junk wax designs that we grown to hate.  I guess Topps even notices that some designs are used every year and has started using other sports designs like basketball and football.  I am not going to lie, I do like the retro basketball, and on the flip side, there are some designs I used to love but now hate.  If I see another old Yankee on a 1972 design I think I will throw up.
I used to LOVE the 1972 design, way too over used today!
Topps has just about used every year design from base sets to oddballs.  In addition Topps also make inserts like Cards Your Mom Threw Out that reprints almost every design.  Are we seeing a point in collection history that card companies are running out of designs to put on cardboard? 

A decent design back in 1985, still average today.
In 1984 this was a great design, still a great design...just overused!
Ugg...1990 Topps was king of junk wax, design speaks for its self.  Don't know if Mike Trout can save this design.
 I do hand it to Topps, at times they can be creative and take an old design and bring it too life to where us collectors can get excited about it.  I was never a fan of the 4-1 sticker cards from 1969, and redone in (I think) 2004 Bazooka set.  There are a few things I do see that have sparked some excitement.  One of them is the 1983 Topps All Star Autograph design.  It is a sticker, but if it looks as clean as it does on this scan, it should work well!
1983 Topps All Star Auto Design - I LOVE IT!

I would like to see it in person, the auto looks very small.  Not digging where the auto is located.
I do like the relic design.  It is one of my favorites of recent of low end relic designs.
Don't love it, don't hate it.  Could change my mind when I see them.

Now here is where Topps gets crazy, bring in basketball and football designs.  Are we seeing a trend of bringing in other sport designs to help vary the cards?  Here are some of the designs that are going to be used in 2013.
This vintage football design was used in the 2012 Topps Football issue and now used in 2013 for baseball.

This is one of my favorite basketball design, and I like this card.  I just hope it doesn't get over used.

My final thoughts on this product are the base card designs are nothing really special, or lack any wow factor.  I feel that many designs are over produced and after awhile water down the hobby.  The same with making of reprints of real cards.  I don't know the numbers, but I would assume with all the reprints of key rookies each year, it hurts the hobby.  What do you all think of all the use of old designs?  Does it show a lack of creativity?  I do!


  1. I really like the '84 and '85 set designs, but I part of that fondness stems around the era in which I started collecting. I grew up in the junk wax era and wasn't exposed to them much.

    Anything in the '88 to '93 range leaves me yearning for something else. To answer your question. No, I don't thing Mike Trout can save the '90 design.

    I do love those '83 All-Star cards though!

    1. I love the 84/85 but the 84 is got too over used.

  2. Fix the card stock. Then I will buy.

    Really strange that they'd use basketball and football designs. I don't like it.


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