Monday, December 3, 2012

What Will You Trade For These 50s Travel Cards

I am hoping there is an eastern United States collector that would want some early to mid 1950s highway and city cards.  These cards are in great shape and they are not post cards, they are actually baseball card sized.  There are several images of the new turnpikes, bridges, tunnels, and of New York skyline.  I don't know the value, or what they are or what they could be worth.  I picked them up at a flea market while in the Army on the East Coast.  These were in a box with other vintage 50s cards I bought.  The photos make the photos look dull, but they are very pretty and they almost feel like cloth photo type paper.  I have them just laying around, so please MAKE ME AN OFFER!!!!  Do you have any card(s), auto(s) or relic(s) you don't want anymore, make an offer at: jasonjasonp12@gmail dot com

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