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This is my first break so I am trying to do the best I can, so what I decided to do is post each members stats, inserts, and hits.  I will continue to do this until I am done.  In the stats I already took the doubles out and randomized the doubles, so they are included in the total stats.  Mind you these people got all these cards for $18, lower than the price of a blaster box! (this break thing does take a LOT of work!)

Baseball Dad @ All Tribe Baseball

Yankees, Indians, D-Backs (+doubles randomized)

10 Boxes 2011 Donruss Elite: 27 Cards
1 Blaster 2012 Topps Opening Day: 9 Cards
1 Hobby Box 1998 Team Best: 9 Cards
1 Retail Box 2010 Topps Update: 38 Cards

Total Cards for $18: 83 Cards @ .21 cent per card average!


2011 Donruss Elite Back to the Future Raoul Torrez (D-Backs) 46/494
2011 Donruss Elite Back to the Future Alex Lavisky (Indians) 220/320

2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Status Green Die Cut Jake Lowery (Indians) 10/25

1998 Team Best:
Willie Martinez (CLE)
Donzell McDonald (NY AL)
Russell Branyan (CLE)
Mike Lowell (NY AL)
Eric Chavez (OAK)
Tim Drew (CLE)
Pablo Ozuna (STL)
Derrick Gibson (COL)
John Patterson (ARZ)

2011 Donruss Elite
Songco (LA)
Crocker (OAK)
Jones (BAL)
Walding (PHI)
Westlake (DET)
Myles (CLE)
Bichette Jr (NY AL)
Griffin (ARZ)
Goodnight (CLE)
Lowery (CLE)
Perez (CLE)
Upton (ARZ)
Granderson (NY AL)
MacPhee (CLE)
Winkler (ARZ)
Meo (ARZ)
B Revere (MIN)
Soto (CHI)
Ames (LA)
Maynard (LA)
Lyerly (NY AL)
Bird (NY AL)
Davis (NY AL)
Cote (NY AL)
2012 Topps Opening Day:
Cabrera (CLE)
C Young (ARZ)
R Martin (NY AL)
C Granderson (NY AL)
R Roberts (ARZ)
C Santana (CLE)
J Masterson (CLE)
P Goldschmidt (ARZ)
T Cahill (CLE)

2010 Topps Update:
Jeter Topps Attax (NY AL)
Reynolds (ARZ)
Choo (CLE)
Saunders GOLD (ARZ) 313/2010
Tales of Game ALL STAR TIE 
Million Giveaway Mantle (NY AL)
Winfield/Heyward Legendary Lineage (NY AL)
Jeter 97 Card Mom Threw Out (NY AL)
Cervelli (NY AL)
A Rod AS (NY AL) 
Crosby (ARZ)
Santana RC DEBUT (CLE) 
Jeter AS (NY AL)
Church (ARZ)
Kearns (NY AL)
Santana RC (CLE)
Talbot (CLE)
Herrmann (CLE)
Kennedy (ARZ)
Johnson (NY AL)
Cano AS (NY AL)
Tomlin RC (CLE)
Pettititte AS (NY AL)
Cano AS Duo (NY AL)
Vazquez (NY AL)
LaRoche (ARZ)
Young (ARZ)
Granderson (NY AL)
Swisher HR (NY AL)
Lee AS (CLE)
Russo RC (NY AL)
Redmond (CLE)
Perez (CLE)
Saunders (ARZ)
Donald RC (CLE)
Berkman (NY AL)
Demel RC (ARZ)
Jackson (OAK)
Crawford AS Duo (TB)

I really hope "Baseball Dad" enjoys the haul he got on this break!  All Group Break cards "should" be mailed on Jan 2nd.  My last post will display the vintage randomized card.  Next member will be displayed soon!


  1. Great cards ! Thanks so much for this break !

    1. Thanks, I hope you enjoy them! I am working on Jan 13 break, I hope to see you again. Those cards will be mailed out on Jan 2nd! Thanks again for joining!


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