Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Relic for AU War Relic Anyone?

With my prospects of having any real buys during this Christmas season I wanted to try to do something creative.

If anyone remembers one of my first posts, I was in Iraq for three tours and during the invasion I was first into Saddam's Palaces.  I had Millions of Iraq Saddam 250 Dinars and was wondering if there are anyone collectors out there up for a trade of a TRUE WAR USED ARMY RELIC signed by myself and numbered.  I am signing 25 with a letter of authenticity of where it was collected.  What would you trade for this?  Just give me an email at jasonjasonp12@gmail dot com   

Kind of dumb, but also could be kind of neat if you are into the war relic collector.  Then if you really wanted to you could slab the auto and make a relic card out it...let me know if anyone would offer up a small trade. The dinars above will look better and the auto would be centered on the bill.  This is just an example. 

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