Friday, December 14, 2012

Panini Football Sticker Popwarner Giveaway Package

Some of you out there may know about Panini's promotion for their yearly NFL sticker release.  This year's promotion is similar to last years where you collect the letters to spell FOOTBALL.  I sent in my letters about two months ago and got my package back today.  It wasn't too bad of a prize, it came with a 11x8 autographed Javon Ringer, a Large T-Shirt, and one pack of 2012 NFL Score.  The one issue I have is the photo is copied using printer paper and the photo carries no NFL auhtentic seal.  The only thing that states the auo is real is the Panini invoice sent in the box.  I am going to frame the photo and make sure this packing slip is with the photo at all times. 

My 4 year old Savannah loves opening my cards, so does all my other kids, and wife.  It is a family affair!  Thanks Panini!

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