Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just Another COMC Purchase

I have done little buying on E-Bay this past year, most everything that I have wanted or needed in my collection I have found easily on COMC.  I knocked off some sweet Colorado Rockies cards, and a St. Louis Rams patch card.

It amazes me that Fowler's autographs are still considered common.  Every year he gets better, and this is my second signed letter patch card.  The other one is an Upper Deck card.  Last year was a break out year, this year expect him to hit .300 25 HR season for a lead off hitter.

 This Holliday card has been under my radar for a year, finally pulled the trigger on this nice Triple Threads.

Charlie Blackmon has had several stints with the Rockies (currently in Colorado Springs hitting a cool .361), a solid hitter but has been shadowed a bit due to the Rockies having excessive outfielders.  He could easy make a quality starter or at least bench player.  I like getting minor league autos of players who make the big club.

 This was a must have in my Helton collection.

The Rams are my hometown team, and I like Pettis, so a no brainier to add a sweet patch card.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Perfect Baseball Weather In Denver!

The New York Mets traveled from one snowy city to yet another, Denver.  There is a decent chance that there maybe another snow out this week.  More proof that Denver needs a big glass bubble over Coors Field, just like the one over Springfield in the Simpson's Movie.  (below)  What is funny is that many ball players still practiced outside even in the snow storm.

Here is the rest of the weeks outlook in Denver.

What #42 Means To Me

Almost a century ago one of the greatest baseball players and an important figure in history is born, his name was Jack Roosevelt Robinson.  Today it is hard to imagine what our great sport was really like.  Without Jackie Robinson there is no doubt that Major League Baseball would have ended segregation, but would the process worked as well with anyone else?  This is more than just being the first African American to play for a MLB ball club, this is about changing a way of life and how people thought then.

Yesterday I was watching a baseball game with my 8 year old daughter when the broadcaster started talking about Jackie Robinson day.  She got all excited and shouted "we talked about him at school"!  I asked her what she knew of him, she said he was the first person who played baseball.  I responded to her to make sure she didn't say it wrong, "did you say he was the first person to play baseball"?  I explained how important he was to not only baseball but also to America.  I could tell that she didn't really understand how bad the relations of blacks and whites just 60 or 70 years ago.  After the short talk, she smiled and said "I use the same bathroom as my friend Cassie does".  I don't think our world will ever be without some form of racism because lets face it we are all different, and there will always be ignorant people.  I am proud that in 1997 that MLB retired the number 42 to not just remind us of the sacrifices that Robinson made in the past, but also to look at ourselves to see how much more progress we all can make in the future.  Number 42 is bigger than just Robinson, it also carries all the stories and the struggles of everyone before him that had a dream to one day to maybe be a Major League player.  Thank you Mr. Robinson!


Here are my favorite of my Robinson cards in my collection, mostly all my cards are 1980 or newer, and one patch.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Early this month I started conducting both an online hobby survey and face to face survey's.  I conducted face to face survey's at retail outlets (card isle), hobby shops, and various other places such as at a flea market.  In all I got 100 survey takers with a large background in the hobby.  As a blogger of sports cards I tend to think others think like I do.  In addition other bloggers have their own opinions on what they think is going on in the hobby.  The past few months I wrote down some questions I wanted to see how others in the hobby really felt about it.  Even if you didn't take the survey, look at the questions/answers and see where you fall into place in the hobby. 
What I noticed with the collectors I surveyed was, over half of them have collected longer than 10 years.  Does this mean there are indeed less new collectors?  According to the 100 people I surveyed, only 3 of them were brand new to collecting.  My thoughts going in was that there were fewer new collectors coming in the hobby, and this count shows it indeed.

Where do we fall in how much we spend on the cards.  Over half of survey takers spend $50 or less a month.

As a blogger we read all the time about others sending cards to get signed, but I wanted to know how many other collectors really do it?  Only about 25% of collectors surveyed send cards out to be signed.

In 2005 card companies watered down the market with cards, and MLB started making changes in hopes to make the hobby better.  Now in 2013, there are zero collectors who responded that the hobby was getting better.  

Most collectors agree that there should be some sort of competition and choices in the hobby.  Some who stated no difference said that there is a good group of MLBPA cards offered.

I never understood how some collectors could pay more for a card than what it is worth, such as an short print of a new set.  Only about 10% have actually paid more than a card was worth.

Last month Topps had released Turkey Red on their website only, I wanted to see how others viewed these releases.  Not one person thought it was a good idea for the hobby.  Today many of these boxes are being sold on wholesale sites marked up nearly 400%.  

Nearly 50% of collectors feel that Topps can make anything and collectors will buy it.  

Topps seems to have the worst CS while Panini has the best numbers

All three companies have very similar redemption satisfaction numbers

86% of collectors feel they should have some input in the hobby.

Retail is still the most preferred way to buy boxes of cards.

Many collectors have voiced displeasure with having less players and teams in their sets.  98% feel that Topps leaves certain teams and players out of their sets.

Nearly 90% collectors don't really know if their Topps relics are real or not.  

Topps using a vague statement about relics, collectors seem to agree that it hurts the overall value of the card.

Beckett is becoming even more obsolete in the hobby according to the 100 surveyed.  

No one in the hobby felt that book value is really needed or has a real influence.

E-Bay is still a top place to buy loose cards, but many surveyed in person said that they haven't bought yet there but may someday.  LCS could be lower because of having less around.

Not one set runs away with being over used.  

Topps flagship is the run away Number ONE set.

Almost 50/50 that cards don't need a logo to have value.

Collectors value on card signatures verse stickers.

Many complain about airbrushing cards, but 50% don't care either way.

Only 8 of 100 searched out a LCS in search of a free pack of cards.  Many stated it wasn't worth the distance of travel.

Many collectors agree there are too many gimmicks Topps puts in their products.

This shows the direction in the hobby, if a collector needs a box to open right away they buy retail as in a previous graph, or pay less and wait for a box.

I hope you had fun looking at these questions and answers to see how you fall into place as a collector.  This isn't exact, I understand there are thousands more collectors out there all over the world, but this is a good start!  I'm sorry if there are typos, please email me if you have any questions.