Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just Another COMC Purchase

I have done little buying on E-Bay this past year, most everything that I have wanted or needed in my collection I have found easily on COMC.  I knocked off some sweet Colorado Rockies cards, and a St. Louis Rams patch card.

It amazes me that Fowler's autographs are still considered common.  Every year he gets better, and this is my second signed letter patch card.  The other one is an Upper Deck card.  Last year was a break out year, this year expect him to hit .300 25 HR season for a lead off hitter.

 This Holliday card has been under my radar for a year, finally pulled the trigger on this nice Triple Threads.

Charlie Blackmon has had several stints with the Rockies (currently in Colorado Springs hitting a cool .361), a solid hitter but has been shadowed a bit due to the Rockies having excessive outfielders.  He could easy make a quality starter or at least bench player.  I like getting minor league autos of players who make the big club.

 This was a must have in my Helton collection.

The Rams are my hometown team, and I like Pettis, so a no brainier to add a sweet patch card.


  1. I had a streak of pulling Pettis, annoyed i sold them all now.

  2. Nice Helton !!!!!! Great patch!!!!!!


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