Friday, April 5, 2013

1990 Pacific MISL Cards (Major Indoor Soccer League)

Remember the year 1990?  Card companies made cards for anything from Baseball cards to Yo! Raps.  A few years ago I found an unmarked boxes of cards at a Goodwill that was taped up so you couldn't see inside.  The box maybe had about 300 cards inside and had a price of $5 on it.  Since the box was just $5, I figured I would take the gamble.  I expected to find a box of 1988 Donruss commons and the word SUCKER on the inside.  Actually what I found was almost 300 1990 Pacific MISL cards.  I was able to make one full set with the cards.   Even though the '90 MISL set isn't worth much, it is much better then getting 300 common baseball cards I already have from that year.  One thing that I noticed about almost every player who played in the MISL in 1990 must have been from Eastern Europe.  

I remembered the very first card I pulled out of the stack, welcome the "great and powerful" ZOLTAN (from the move "Dude Where Is My Car?".  

If you have ZERO idea about the Zoltan reference, just look it up on Youtube
Here are just a FEW of the cards in the set.

Is that an Asian name? Said NO one about Nenad Markicevic.  Doesn't Mark Karpun look like he is ready for a pint of Guiness on St. Patties Day?  Mike Dowler just looks flat out bored to be there at that moment.

I hate when I get "BOBO" in my Crunch.  Terry Rowe has the shortest shorts ever worn by a black man.  How about having a last name that starts with BLUB, and all together sounds like a word my 1 year old would say BLUB BLAH.

Just wanted to post about this little odd ball soccer set I have in my collection.  

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  1. Ahhhh - I remember the good ol' days of the MISL. Good times.


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