Monday, December 17, 2012

Will The Real Ryan Braun Please Stand Up?

This card isn't new around the collecting world, yet for some reason this card has been in my collection for maybe four years before I ever decided to turn it over.  When I turned it over I did not only a double take, but I contiuned to keep flipping trying to figure out what Ryan Braun should lay claim to this card.

This card doesn't just have one thing wrong with it, but there are several issues with this card.  On the front you have the Royals pitcher Ryan Braun and his team of the Omaha Royals on the front, and the Royals logo on the back.  Yet you have the Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun's info, photo, and even his stats for the Huntsville Stars.  For years I have placed this card in my common rookie boxes.  Now I am wondering should I file in my Brewers Ryan Braun box since half of this card is geared towards the all star?  This card books for around a quarter, but if you are a fan of Ryan Braun, this 2006 TriStar maybe a must for your Braun collection!

Lets break down this card a little more, Beckett lists this card as the Royals Ryan Braun but now lets keep score...

This isn't the first time a big time player featured on a minor league card has had this issue.  In 1990 a card intended to be a minor league card for a Tino Martinez actually had the name of a teammate Edgar.  I figure it is much harder to make minor league cards when many of their faces are not recognizable. Then add in the difficulty in some teams have two guys with the same last names like Martinez (Tino/Edgar) or in the same set having two guys with the same exact names like with Ryan Braun.

 I wonder how many card editors loose their jobs every year with blunders like these?  My guess is that they get hired at Topps. ;)

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