Saturday, September 15, 2012

Big Thanks To ARPSmith Sportscard Obession!

I received a package today from ARPSmith Sportscard Obession for winning his contest last month.  It was way more than I expected and not only could I show my thanks in an email to him but I wanted to let everyone else know how grateful we were to get all these cards!  That box put my contest to shame, but I promise to my readers it will get better each month.  I picked out a one of a few one of a kind items of the Giants history that I will send him, and I hope he likes it and displays it on his page later next week when he receives it! I am sorry I don't have any pictures of my wife and kids opening the cards, my son was playing my phone and didn't realize it was dead.  So I leave you with a picture of my family in 2009 (minus my one year old) at Coors Field.  A MILLION THANKS AGAIN!!

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  1. Really glad you are enjoying the cards. Looking forward to seeing what you send and you can rest assured it will get a blog post. Thanks for reading my blog!


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