Monday, September 24, 2012

Looking to Trade of 2012 Topps Pins

I recently opened a hobby jumbo pack of 2012 Topps Series 2 and pulled a 1951 Yogi Berra World Series Pin.

I am looking for a trade of the 1951 Yogi Berra Pin for a 1944 Stan Musial World Series Pin, 1968 Bob Gibson World Series Pin, 1982 Ozzie Smith World Series Pin, or 2011 Albert Pujols World Series Pin.  If you have another pin that you think I could like go ahead and shoot me an offer.  I like the Berra pin, but since I'm not a Yankees fan, I would rather see if I could get a Cardinals pin in exchange. 

I have of grown fond of Topps trying to do something different than just the typical relics.  At least with manufactured bats, pins, letters, you know they are already not real.  The first time I heard of "fake" patch cards years ago when Upper Deck did it, I thought how "stupid" the idea was.  Now I like ripping a few blaster boxes to find some patch cards.  How do you all feel about the manufactured items?  Do you think of them as valuable, or just a cool item. 

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