Monday, September 17, 2012

More Wacky and Weird Cards!

I have two cards that I find to be another potential Topps overlook and a player that should be a first ballot for the Hall....but Not the Hall of Fame, I mean the Hall of Shame!. 

2009 Topps Series 2 #657 Aaron Heilman

I have tried to research this issue of this card, Aaron Heilman was released from the Mets then signed to Seattle, then traded quickly to the Cubs January 2009.  I don't think he even seen a Mariners uniform.  This card is in the second series, Topps had already got the front photo changed and team logo of the current team the Chicago Cubs.  On the back it still lists Heilman as playing for the Seattle Mariners in which he didn't even make it to spring training.  Either this is an over look by Topps not changing the back, or it is protocol of Topps to put the team on the back of the team before a trade in spring training.  I'm going to put my money on a Topps screwed this up like how I went over 2011 Topps Alex White card last month..

1994 Upper Deck Fun Deck #209 Jose Canseco

I understand the concept of this kids card, you want to teach them the rules, but how classic is this card!  Looking back on the extreme steroid use, his calling out all those players in his book, if you had only one card to show someone to describe Mr. Roid this would be it!  His classic attempt to catch a routine pop fly, he misses hits his hard head and it shoots off his head and over the fence for a home run.  According to (Rule 6.09) it is a home run, but I have always thought it should have been a catch thus a four base error...but what do I know. 

Does anyone have any information if the 2009 Topps Heilman is intentional marked with Seattle on the back? 


  1. Him getting bonked on the head has to be one of the top 10 videos in MLB of all time.


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