Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Proof That Cardboard Is Crack! 2012 Topps Heritage Mars Attacks

Why did I need this?  Was it the yellow packaging that looks simular to the Topps Baseball Heritage. Could it be because it was between a box of 2012 Topps Football and Baseball, or is it I am just obsessed with cardboard!  There this pack was, saying buy me, I'm only $2.09!  I think it was the red alien eyes...

Now I open the pack and look for a reason why I just had to have this one pack...

I was never a fan of Mars Attack or making sets, I think I will have to put these in a binder and make an execption of making a set.  When I am done I will display this binder right next to my 1989 Topps TMNT Set!  (Yes...I have this set!)

Anybody else collect Mars Attacks?  I guess this is kind of like my NFL MLB sticker book addiction, you pay so much to compete a set just to have it not worth half what you paid...oh well!

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