Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Am Taking A Knee To The NFL Until REAL Refs Are Back...

This is a little bit away from the normal rants on cards or collecting, but watching another week of embarrassing football I have taken a stance that I am going to take a knee and let the clock run down till the refs come back.  Calling the NFL in the same sentence as the XFL is a little harsh, but the league is doing their best to become the next XFL.  For the past few years I have gone to 3 or 4 NFL games a year but I will not go this year to one game until our crappy (but lovable) REAL refs, replace the refs who I can't even tell there right from their left let alone throw a hat without making a player fall down on it like a banana peel!

Here is my stance on umps and referees:  As a league you MUST treat them right!  These men and or women hold the fate of your league in their calls.  If a league pays its officials bare bones then you risk more of a chance of rouge officials trying to fix games to make some extra money on the side.  Right now we have officials who are fans running our fields.  If fans and players are calling your referees jokes, it isn't too far along your league will get a lasting black eye left on it.  Just ask MLB in the mid 90s and the NHL in the mid 00s what happened to fan support did to a league in a dispute.  Yes the NFL is playing games, but at what point do we begin to say that what we are seeing is what we seen in quality in the 2000 XFL season.   Last year we had defenses all around the league irate over new rules making it harder to defend, this year we have pass interference on almost every single play, both offensive and defensive.  Then we they do finally call one, it never happened!  Or two weeks ago Sam Bradford ran for 12 yards and slid feet first then he took a smash to the back.  An obvious personal foul for 15 yards, but nothing!  We as fans have always had a beef with umps and refs, but do you remember any other time where each game's headline states "Refs blown calls give....."  Each of the four weeks a bad or series of bad calls have controlled the flow of games to a point to causing a team to lose their cool.

If you want to see the commissioner squirm, play next weeks games like the NFL played in the Pro Bowl last year.  Play half speed so the referees can finally catch up to the speed they are used to refereeing.  If a deal isn't done by this week I will have to find better ways in spending my Sunday afternoons.  Maybe watching paint dry would be more exciting right now.

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