Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hobby Box In A Retail World: Vol 2 - 2009 UD Signature Stars

I had seen this box at a local Wal-Mart a few months ago, and every time I see it I wonder if I should get it or not.  It was a box of 2009 Upper Deck Signatures Baseball Hobby Box (20 packs 4 hits per box) for $70.

Here are the four hits:

 Brian Ragina USA Jersey / Auto 50/899 - Currently a star player at Stanford University
 Jameson Tallon USA Star Prospects Jersey (Pirates top pitching prospect)
Blake Forsythe USA Star Prospects Jersey (Mets catching prospect)
Travis Snider Top Prospects Signature Stars Autograph (Currently A Pirates Player)

Travis Snider was a top tier rookie prospect for several years, but so far in four MLB seasons he has not shown too much potential.  Hopefully next year you can get a good start in spring and carry into the season. What I have read about  Brian Ragina he should be a first to third round draft pick in the next year or two. 

Now for the rest of the inserts and rookie hits:

John Smoltz Signed Sealed Delivered (Cardinals), Albert Pujols Trophy Winners (Cardinals) 
5 USA Star Prospect Cards
3 Top Prospect Cards

Overall I really liked this set, every other pack seemed to have a decent hit, insert, or rookie card.  In all 14 insert and SP cards for 20 packs (70% in the box you would pick up a pack with a hit/insert).   I got four prospect cards, with two autos, so I am hoping one or more pan out!  I know in 2010 these packs were going for around $6 or higher each at hobby level, so in 2010 to buy 20 packs it would be near $120, so to pick up for nearly half that I am pretty happy with it.  The basic set is a pretty good looking set, and for the most part every player is somewhat a star. 

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