Friday, October 19, 2012

2006 Upper Deck Series 2 Blaster Box - Break

I have a very supportive wife and she loves to shop, and I think she buys me items to keep me from seeing what else she bought.  She went to several retail stores and she picked this one at a Target for $6.99.

For $6.99 I don't really have much expectations on what I'm going to get, for the most part I figure I would get a good mix of stars and rookie cards and maybe one or two inserts.

 In my first pack I got a gold card #299.

I did get a few inserts, and one of them is one of the top Diamond Debuts in the set, Albert Pujols.

I got four (expired) Jeter Insert Playing Cards.

 In total I got 16 Rookie Cards, here are the best ones: Dan Uggla, Carlos Ruiz, Prince Fielder (CL)

Ian Kinsler, Brian Wilson, Anthony Reyes, Eric Aybar.

All in all, you can't beat adding a bunch of rookie and insert cards for just $7!

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