Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Video from Fox Colorado Spgs of My Son and I

Here is another post of my son and I while I was stationed in Colorado Spgs, CO and another reason why my son loves the Rockies.  My son is the smallest child in the video fielding a grounder and the ball goes between his legs.  During this camp he was helped a lot by Dexter Fowler and Seth Smith and several times during the year after games would come up and talk to my son!

My son is the small child near Sox the Fox feet.  He was in the Skysox and Rockies baseball camps in 2006-2009!

Thus again why my son and I really enjoy following the Rockies because the impact that the farm and professional teams had with my autistic son making him feel apart of the game!  

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  1. oh nice! They also did an interview with you too, right? It'll be an experience that he'll remember forever.


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