Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vintage Autograph Find! Bob Feller

I got a diamond in the rough a few months ago when I found a Bob Feller autograph.  I was searching a common box at a small card shop and it had a group of  1992 Conlon Collection cards.  Each card in the box was 25 cents.  I picked out these two cards below, so for 50 cents I got a classic Cardinal great Johnny Mize and an (un-certified) Bob Feller autograph card!  This is a real auto pulled from a pack, but in 1992 Conlon didn't think to have it certified, thus it holds less of a value.  Still I was able to get an autograph of a member of the hall of fame, and one of the best pitchers to ever pitch for 25 cents!  Goes to show if you take a little time and do some searching you may find that card that slips through the cracks and gets lost in the shuffle, today it was this Feller!

Since I was in the army and served in Iraq three tours, Bob Feller will always be a United States hero more than a baseball player.  Feller was the first major league player to volunteer and enlist in the military in World War II.  Feller just recently died in 2010, he was a decorated war hero and he still was able to get a total of 266 career wins!  I am sure glad I was able to get an autograph of this great American!

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  1. Very cool find. The auto looks great on the Conlon card.


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