Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 Leaf History of Baseball: Cut Signature Edition

This week I figured was going to be a slow week for me getting cards, but my wife surprised me with a gift from her shopping trip to Wal-Mart tonight.  Tonight I got to open my first box of 2012 Leaf History of Baseball Cut Signature Edition.  On top of that my wife told me that the lady at Wal-Mart rang it up as $19.99 because she didn't know why it was coming up $29.99 because she thought all blaster boxes where $19.99.

Now lets see what we got in the box!  Curt Blefary

Lets look at who Curt Blefary is.  He was the 1965 AL Rookie of the Year and played most of his best years in his career were for the Baltimore Orioles.  Here is his stat line:

I love the look of the card, even though I don't like slabbed cards, but I will make an exception for this set of cards...I'll let you slide just this once Leaf!  All in all, I didn't get a household name but at least it wasn't a player who was a life long minor league player.   If there is an Orioles collector out there that has another 2012 Leaf History of Baseball Cut Signature to trade, let me know!

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