Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Going to move my inventory to Zistle...taking a week off the blog

Hello everyone, I a fellow blogger and trading friend at ryanmemorabilia directed me to Zistle to inventory cards better.  I currently have been using google spreadsheets and for two years before was completely turned off from using Beckett's inventory.  One Beckett's site was always full of errors and slow, it cost money, and on top of that my cards were always disappearing.  That was a complete waste of time!  So I wanted to put together an accurate inventory for everyone to see and I clicked around for awhile and I feel Zistle is going to be a good move!

That means I am going to work for the next week or two on my Zistle inventory and I may or may not be posting anything new.  I will still continue to take trade offers and make my current trades!

Thanks everyone and if you don't use Zistle, I think you should at least check it out!

See everyone again very soon!
Jason (joeaveragecollector) and Tonya (my lovely wife)


  1. I cannot express how much I love zistle, it's worth the effort to add your cards.

  2. I prefer Trading Card Database. much more user friendly.


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