Sunday, October 14, 2012

4 - Retail 2012 Topps Allen Ginter Packs

Year after year I enjoy the Topps Allen & Ginter product.  Though each year I wonder how much more can they piggy back on this brand, but as of right now I still feel it is a hit.  A part of me still hates the non baseball cards, but it has seemed to begin to grow on me year after year.  I really enjoy the product, but I don't care of collecting sets, so usually I only buy a certain amount a year.  Today I was out with my family in Illinois and stopped for gas, my wife came back with four packs for me. 

First, as always an awesomely designed pack!

 The top base cards, Jackie Robinson, Ken Griffey Jr., Josh Hamilton, Yu Darvish RC, and Mike Stanton.

Mini Cards:

Next, What's In A Name? Jackie Robinson, David Price, and Whitey Ford

Worlds Tallest Bldg, Historical Card, and Ripken Sketch Card.

For my big hit! Being from St. Louis, pulling a USA Olympic and St. Louis icon like Jackie Joyner-Kersee Relic card is awesome! The last two relics I have pulled have been no-baseball related, the last one was a Richard Petty NASCAR relic.

As usual, Allen Ginter hasn't disappointed!


  1. First off, your wife brought you four packs of Ginter? Awesome! Second, if I pulled what you did in four retail packs, I'd be a Ginter fanatic. Great packs, man

    1. My wife feeds the beast...that is me! She is good to me, if she sees cards she will buy some for me! Three weeks ago she bought me a few Ginter packs and got a Richard Petty hit! I feel like Charle Brown, I buy packs, I get a rock! haha

  2. Nice going on both counts...the wife buying cards and the hit.


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