Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Successful Trade with William at Foul Bunt!

Like I have said many times, one of things I love about reading some of the other blogs is what some other collectors need or want.  Two weeks ago I was at a small card shop and I was going through some boxes and I came across a box marked Baltimore Orioles.  I spent about 10 minutes in look for a card or cards that possibly William (an Orioles fan) may need/want.  Most of the cards were current Orioles base cards, though I did find a few numbered Topps Heritage Chrome cards of Nolan Reimold and Adam Jones.

Reimold #/1961 and Jones #/61

I figured if for some reason William didn't need them, they would make a good edition to my collection.  It ended up he wanted them so I was able to pick up a decent second year player from the Seattle Mariners, Jesus Montero 2012 Topps Update Golden Moments Autograph.

Monero was one of the top catching prospects last year and had a respectable year hitting .260 15 HR 62 RBI.  I actually like him playing with Seattle more than the previous Yankees for a various reasons.  My top reason is because in Seattle there is less pressure for a rookie to perform well and being a top prospect New York could have caused him more bench time caused by media/fan pressure in times of slumps.  I have watched many games last year with Monero, I don't expect him to be a Joe Mauer or Yaddi caliber of player but he'll be a great young everyday catcher for the Mariners to build around.  

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