Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Topps Chrome Retail Bonus 3 Pack

I haven't been much of a chrome fan in the past but for some reason I have fallen in love and I'm addicated to buying a bonus pack every time I see one at the store.  Today I got a few really decent cards, and here are the best from the pull: (sorry for those people who expect clean scans, I got a great network hp printer/scanner but my scanner doesn't scan properly, I have been begging the wife for a new one).  

I know the orange refractors aren't real special, but I really love them.  I know there is a lot of Matt Holliday hate right now, but his card looks great on an Orange Refractor!

My new favorite catcher, and my favorite team, a Wilin Rosario Refractor Rookie Card, and a Adam Dunn refractor.

In one pack of 4 I got 3 Washington Nationals, Bryce Harper RC, Ryan Zimmerman, and Michael Morse.

I do have two Bryce Harper Topps Chrome Rookie Cards if someone needs it and wants to trade!

If anyone out there has any other Chrome Refractors or numbered Rockies, let me know!

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