Monday, October 8, 2012

Pulled Cardinals From My Collection. GO CARDS!

I got just ONE whole retail pack of Topps Update this weekend, and since just about everyone has either got blaster boxes or hobby boxes, I'll save you all the pain of reading another Update review.  After watching the Cardinals blow game 1, then stomp the Nats today 12-4, I wanted to display just a few of the current Cardinals I have personally PULLED (not bought) from packs to celebrate today's win!

The group of autographs above are the four I am currently most excited about.  Joe Kelly (starting pitcher) Bowman Prospect Autograph, Jason Motte (closer) Topps Lineage 52 Autograph, Jon Jay (CF) Just Minors Autograph, and Jordan Swagerty (pitching prospect) USA autograph.  Swagerty isn't technically on the roster, but he is a 2nd round pick for the Cardinals in 2010.

In this group there are two Lance Lynn Cards, and 2 older Carlos Beltran cards (Astros/Mets).  I did have a Lance Lynn USA autograph I pulled from a blaster box last year, but I dumbly traded it before Lynn became an every day starting pitcher. 

Finally I have pulled 3 Matt Holliday cards in his Rockies years, an Astros Lance Berkman, and a Dodgers Rafael Furcal.

Don't get me wrong, I love all my cards, but there is just a bit more excitement when you pull a card from a pack of a player or players you collect.  Do you all also have a little more pride in showing off cards you pulled verses cards you buy?  Or does it really not matter?

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