Thursday, October 11, 2012


Today I was going through some of my old boxes, not really doing anything special when I came across a hockey card so horrible, so eye popping, it made my eyes to water...A 1975-76 Topps Dave Kryskow #158.  After doing a little research I come to find out that a Washington Capitals Site has giving Dave Kryskow the worst NHL hair cut! 

But lets really get down and think about it for a second, isn't hockey known as the mullet sport?

I know we all have seen some or most of these cards before from blog to blog, but sometimes a card pops up that makes you just wonder, WTF!? This made we think a little, why not look through some random boxes in my collection for ugly/stupid cards, just like the 1993 Donruss Triple Play Junior Feilx below.

As baseball card manufacture, you would expect your product to stand out from the rest, but in this image of Junior Felix, there is a Seattle first baseman ass in his face.  Think if you only had one baseball card ever made, and all it showed was 8% of your body and of course, the ass in your face. 

This next card I think my worst baseball card ever, though the player is very good, 1994 Ultra Mike Piazza.

Don't let the back of the card fool you, it states limited edition of 100,000!  I wonder how much slack the other players gave him for lifting a 5 pound dumbbell in a baseball card.  If he got that big from pumping 5 pound dumbbell's, I would assume he was on the "juice".

Next up, Toronto Blue Jay's Starting Pitcher Kyle Drabek's father, Doug.  Here is what the back of Doug's Score card should read.

Finally, the last card I found is a card seen all over, lets welcome one of the orginal Superfan's,  George Wendt!



  1. Haha. Great post. Awesome hair.

  2. In fairness to Mr. Kryskow, 70's hockey cards were full of close-ups like that, where it appears Topps/OPC just grabbed random guys from the post office wall and stuck them onto cards claiming they were hockey players.


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