Sunday, October 14, 2012

Recent COMC Purchase

Now that I am no longer buying off Ebay, I love buying on COMC because I don't have to monitor every second to see if or what I win and worry about that damn shipping from different shippers.  For example buying a 99 cent card and the shipping be $5.00.

So here is my cards and why I needed them for my collection:

2010 Topps Chrome Allen Craig RC Autograph
  • Allen Craig is the Cardinals newest clean up hitter.  In his first full year starting he hit .307 22 HR and 92 RBI and he even missed over 40 games to start the season due to injury.  I bought this card for $8, that is on average $300 less than a typical Bryce Harper autograph.  I expect Craig's cards to climb over the years as Harper's beings to fall back down to earth.

2012 Topps Finest Refractor Jumbo Relic/Autograph Jordan Pacheco #262/299 
  • Pacheco is my top pick for NL Rookie of the Year if I had a vote.  Pacheco hit .309 5 HR 54 RBI in 132 games.  When the Rockies get Tulo back in 2013, having a leadoff hitter like Fowler, then Pacheco, Tulo, Cargo, and then my other rookie of the year pick Rosario, this line up will score a lot!  I couldn't pass picking this card up for $6.50!

2011 Topps Finest Rookie Refractor Autograph Daniel Descalso #145/499

  • He took over for an injured Rafel Furcal at shortstop for St. Louis, and he never looked back.  Descalso can become the shortstop of the future for the Cards.  He isn't flashy, nor is he a power hitter, but Descalso finds a way to get that key hit, and make the plays in field look easy!  He has turned into a post season hero this year, and in his short career has already won a championship.  In three years, mostly platoon playing, as a number 8 hitter, don't be fooled by his low career average of .242.  Not a top tier player, but I was still glad I picked this autograph for $5.50.  I expect him not be a star but he will have a good career.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginters Autograph
  • I love Fowler, one of the most under rated players out there.  He has had some hard years in Colorado becoming a good switch hitter, but in 2012 we have seen what hard work and determination can do when he put up stats for a lead-off hitter .300 13 HR 52 RBI and .389 OBP.   On top of that he is one of the top center fielders in the NL only committing 6 errors all year.  This isn't a rookie, but it is a very sharp signature on a great looking photo.  I purchased this card for $4.25!  

Before I purchase I like to look at the ups and downs of why I am buying the card.  I am not in it for money, but in any of these purchases I wouldn't expect to lose anything, only gain.  I know there are many other teams also that have these types of players that I find myself also collecting thanks to reading from blog to blog.  Overall I love this purchase!

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